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Food on the road 10 ideas for what take?

 Food on the road 10 ideas for what take?

To make your trip as comfortable and also simple as possible, once you will travel, examine every little point to the tiniest information. Also as though you’re awaiting a long train trip, be certain that you generate a determination ahead what is going to be the meals when traveling you will definitely take along with you.

breakfast on the road

We pass the road! General concept:

The amount of food on the road required for the roadway is difficult to calculate. Because on the one hand, very little exercise reduces hunger. On the other hand, what else can you do on your trip if you don’t eat from morning to evening?

Throw in the usual feminine fears of the “husband and child will starve” series and you have a complete mess. However, it is much better to take the trip light, and the extra food then adds up to the extra pounds, literally, not figuratively.

The first rule is that it is better to take less than more. As a last resort, you can always buy food on the train or at stops. You won’t be hungry and you won’t have to carry extra bags.

So let me first outline the general principles and then make a specific list of points.

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What do we take kind of food on the road?

Which can be stored for a long time without a refrigerator; does not melt in the sun; does not become unclean, does not crumble; not heavy in weight; does not have a pungent odor; does not leave a lot of cleansing and other particles; easy to prepare (ideally, no additional preparation required); does not need slicing.

Food on the road

List of goods:

  • Porridge. Better to take the one that is now sold in disposable glasses. In this situation, you don’t need to clean the cup either.
  • Processed cheese. Served triangular or plates in individual product packaging. Ordinary cheese in the heat quickly loses, if not its appearance, then even its appearance.
    A crown is a small portion can. I opened it, ate it, and also threw it away. Almost like “I came, saw, won”!
  • Cucumbers, pieces of peeled carrots (we do not recommend taking tomatoes with you, as well as various other juicy vegetables – tomato juice looks great in a glass and is much less appetizing on clothes).
  • It is better not to take fruits at all – they are hefty, and you will have to carry them yourself. Rather, you can take a couple of bags of fruit puree for children.
  • Muffins or muffins, jam tarts, and other great toppings.
    Sliced ​​bread or tiny rolls, thin pita bread. (Carelessness is so perfect! We won’t diminish the bread while driving either).
  • Instant noodles, as well as mashed potatoes (also in glasses, not in bags). It may not be the healthiest and most balanced food in the world, but you can eat it 1-2 times a year.
    Do not take potatoes in uniform and boiled potatoes agitate the roadway – your hands will certainly get dirty, and a promising source of rubbish will appear – sweeping. Besides, the smell of boiled eggs is quite detailed.
  • We also do not recommend chocolate – it can melt when warm. If without delicious chocolate and on the road does not give pleasure, take one that (as they say in the ad learned by heart) melts in your mouth, not in your hands.
  • As a snack, you can take nuts, as well as dried fruits, marshmallows.
  • Yogurts. When buying, carefully study the storage conditions – we need those that are stored at temperatures up to +25 degrees.
  • Sparkling water (sparkling water quickly exhales steam) or juice in plastic bottles with screw caps.
    Jam in small portioned packages.

Food on the road is important, but remember to bring disposable recipes with you on your trip, both wet and regular napkins, paper towels, and bags.

If you don’t know what to bring with you, or you didn’t have the opportunity to do it, Donuts can be one of the great takeaways.

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