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French breakfast foods

French breakfast foods

Croissants, baguettes, French toast, and marmalade … French Breakfast foods includes them all!

french breakfast foods listLet me start by stating that the French breakfast foods are modest and very light. For everyone who travels, a special place is reserved for the French breakfast for delicious dishes of a typical French breakfast. The French usually have breakfast in places such as pastry shops, bakeries, cafes, which serve snacks, sweets, and pastries for breakfast. Coffee or tea, a regular drink in any corner of the country served by the French for breakfast.

Many people avoid the morning meal, but, in my opinion, this is one of the most important dishes of the day. Your body and brain need fuel to start moving for God’s sake!

The time has really come. Time to check out one of the most popular and popular morning dinners around the world. See what people in the country have glasses of wine, incredible food, society, style, and more in France! Even those people who have never been to this country in the past will surely be able to name such corner tables for a French breakfast as croissants and baguettes. These baked products really gained such significant popularity that they can be found in almost any country in the world. But what else do the French like to have early in the morning? Let me know!

Take a look at the famous French morning meal, which includes various side dishes and bread, croissants, Pain au chocolat, as well as other awards!

In fact, French cuisine has always been referred to as very plentiful and mouth-watering. They just don’t like food, the first point in the early morning. By the way, if you intend to buy breakfast in France, you should ask Le Petit Déjeuner. The literal translation is “little lunch.” For this reason, le petit déjeuner (breakfast) is followed by déjeuner (lunch). A bit complicated, right? Therefore, do not forget to say “le petit”, otherwise you will surely be served for lunch!
Take a look at the popular French breakfast, which includes a selection of bread, as well as side dishes, croissants, Pain au chocolat, as well as various other rewards!

Alright, stop chatting about what I actually cooked for my French morning dinner table today


french breakfast foodsIt is widely known that in France whole grain crops. Not only bread but baking as a whole. The French have centuries-old culinary customs, so a huge variety of pastry shops across the country. In France, people like to go to bakeries in the morning to buy bread for morning food. A morning dish would not be complete without him. That’s for sure.

You are absolutely wrong if you think that the baguette is the only bread that the French consume. It is more like urban things, and in the countryside, people prefer Boule de Pain round bread that does not stagnate as quickly as baguettes. I have both of them on my breakfast table, and of course, in some cases, the fact that the baguette is almost unbearable the other day is driving me crazy. I, like my husband, are weak eaters, so it is quite difficult for us to finish the whole baguette in one day. In this case, Boule de Pain is a much more useful option. Oh, one interesting fact related to Bull de Payne. French bakeries, which are very popular both among travelers and among citizens, got their name (boulangerie) from this bread. As you can see, not everyone is on a baguette in France!

Of course, France has more bread options. You can also see small French buns on my morning table. I found them in my local supermarket, which is exactly the same as they were classified. It’s so cool!


Seasoningsfrench brunch

The French do not just eat regular bread for breakfast, they cover it with numerous spices. Most preferred is oil. French Pain beurré bread and butter. This is the mixture that you will definitely find at every French morning meal. Another valuable seasoning is jam (confiture). I covered my baguette with a charitable layer of strawberry jam. Yum! Honey (Miel) is also an option. It reminded me of my childhood.

Yes, just jam, honey and butter. Simply? Yes. Delicious? You put.


french breakfast recipesFrance is known for its bread for a reason. There are many different forms, preferences, and all of them are so delicious that you quickly create addiction. Those who had the opportunity to visit France will confirm to you how good their cakes are. Morning in this beautiful country constantly began with a visit to Boulangerie, where there are fresh croissants, eclairs, and a number of other goodies. Which one? Sweet pastries for your morning meal? Right.

Take a look at the famous French morning food, including a choice of toppings, as well as bread and croissants.

French people love their bread early in the morning. However, not all of them. As an example, I don’t think they have eclairs for breakfast, it was my choice. They enjoy their popular puffy, thawing croissants right out of bed, but not every day. This is more like a weekend. But when you are on vacation, you can relax a bit and not count calories while you are on vacation!

It is noteworthy that croissants are now so popular that they can be found practically all over the world. almost all the stores have. Of course, they are not as tasty as in France, but still better than nothing. Or you can try to make them in the house. Another preferred breakfast bread is Pain au chocolat, a sweet roll with a few slices of dark chocolate inside. The ones I tried in France were divine spotlessly soft, chocolate; on the other hand, the ones I bought at the store looked like a reduction in the amount of delicious chocolate in them. Well, all food is always the most effective in the country of origin.


The main morning drinks you can find around the world are no different in France. Coffee, tea, delicious warm breakfast in francechocolate, and juice. It should be noted that, despite the fact that you can drink any coffee, the most preferred is a cafe with milk mixed with warm milk. Children and some adult adults also use their coffee or warm, delicious chocolate (chocolate tea) to dip their croissants directly into it. ENJOY IT! You can also find several fresh fruit dishes on the French breakfast table. That’s all!

Simple, fast, and cool. Bread and pastries are things that I can’t live without, so everything is perfect. Thank you, France, you’re awesome! French breakfast is one of the most popular in the world. I can understand why. Their popular baguette, croissants, and various other types of bread crave!

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