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Greek yogurt breakfast

10 Breakfast recipes with Greek yogurt

10 recipes for Greek yogurt breakfast. Eating yogurt for breakfast gives the body the necessary amount of energy while not straining it with a heavy meal. Activation of the gastrointestinal tract helps to maintain not only tone but also ensures health throughout the day.

yogurt breakfast recipe

Right now, yogurt is considered the most healthy dairy product. The phenomenal benefits of yogurt are confirmed by various scientific studies of one of the most respected organizations, as well as global associations.

  •  Yogurt is an excellent way to prevent high blood pressure in women. In the spring of 2016, at a scientific seminar in Phoenix, scientists around the world could familiarize themselves with an intriguing record of the results of a large-scale study: consuming a lady at least five servings of yogurt per week reduces the risk of hypertension by 20%.
  •  Researchers at one of Canada’s state-owned research institutes have discovered that the beneficial bacteria found in yogurt can significantly reduce the number of dead cells and bust growth. Scientists want the yogurt to take its rightful place in cancer prevention in the future.
  • Doctors of the University of Virginia and a group of nutrition experts from Boston, examining the analysis of several thousand adults and children, came to the final thought: milk fat contained in yogurt not only does not cause diabetes but further reduces the risk of this disease by half.


Yogurt is very useful during the day as a substitute for lunch components – this will certainly lead to improved digestion. Products obtained by the body are not only absorbed faster but also accelerated. As a result of this, efficiency increases, fatigue accumulated by the end of the working day is reduced, and also a person feels lightness and a surge of new strength.

Yogurt works at any time of the day!

Live fermented milk product contributes to the rapid assimilation of a passionate dinner. If a person goes to bed after a hearty dinner, then early in the morning he gets up with a feeling of heaviness in his stomach. Nightly intake of yogurt significantly reduces the burden on the gastrointestinal system, as it causes intestinal motility, and also speeds up the process of digesting food.

Last thought? It is safe to say that yogurt works at any time of the day!

Benefits of Greek Yogurt:

  • Good for your gastrointestinal system.
  • Builds muscle mass due to its high protein content.
  • It can be obtained with a high-fat content (great for mental growth in children) or low fat (to minimize or maintain a healthy and balanced weight).
  • This is a low carbohydrate food.
  • Improves immunity with probiotics for bowel treatment.
  • Greek yogurt has a lot of iodine. Iodine controls the thyroid gland!

Morning meal for every taste

Take a can of Greek or all-natural yogurt. After that, add your taste to your favorite mixes of products: muesli with maple syrup, wheat sprouts with banana, honey with orange enthusiasm, olives with tomatoes and herbs, pomegranate seeds with pistachios, a cracker with berries, cocoa with chia seeds, grated beetroot with caraway seeds, apple with cinnamon. Experiment as well as have a good time!


yogurt breakfast1. Exotic choice

We will need:
a glass of Greek yogurt;
1 kiwi half a banana;
a handful of cashews;
coconut to taste (unsweetened).

The recipe for a healthy and balanced breakfast is very simple: mix sliced ​​banana and kiwi with Greek yogurt. Sprinkle with nuts and chips. By the way, pay attention: only 8 ml of Greek yogurt contains 18 grams of protein. That is, this breakfast is very hearty and also healthy.

2. Parfait with granola

greek yogurt recipe breakfastAnother simple recipe for an amazing breakfast. Take the appropriate ingredients:
1 pack of all-natural yogurt;
50 grams of muesli;
fresh fruits and berries (any);
maple syrup to taste.
The whole complexity of the dish is to lay the active ingredients in layers. Take a tall glass or dish. First, put yogurt, then muesli, as well as leading with fresh berries and fruits, sliced ​​directly on objects. Repeat the layers. On top, you can put syrup or any other to your taste.

3. Rejoice that you can take with you

yogurt breakfast recipeA fantastic breakfast is prepared the day before. Early in the morning, you cannot waste time cooking. It is also convenient to take such yummy with you to work if there is no time for breakfast at all. The dish is simple. As in the previous version, layout the layers of yogurt, granola, and fruit. At this moment, we placed each trifle in a unique jar, covered with a lid, and placed in the refrigerator until morning.

4. Berry smoothie

greek yogurt breakfastYogurt can also be used to make a healthy and balanced smoothie.


1 cup of Greek yogurt;
I a glass of ice berries;
1 teaspoon of honey.
Place the active ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth. You can zoom in with nuts or granola.

5.Chia Seed Recipe

greek yogurt recipe breakfastChia seeds have special structures, and also have fantastic benefits for the body.


1 cup kefir;
1/2 cup oatmeal or granola;
Chia seeds
Mix yogurt with cereal in front, sprinkle with chia seeds.
Syrup as well as Walnuts

6. Yogurt with nutsyogurt breakfast recipe

Fry a handful of walnuts in a dry pan. Next, take a glass of Greek yogurt, include a little maple syrup. Garnish with nuts on top.

Walnuts are really nutritious, so they are great for breakfast.

7. Yogurt “Cherry pleasure”

healthy yogurt breakfastConsuming cherries helps fight swelling and also reduces the risk of heart disease.

What is necessary:

1/4 cup frozen cherry;
1 cup kefir;
1/2 tablespoon vanilla remove.
Thaw of cherries. It is better to choose unsweetened. Include yogurt as well as vanilla removal.

8. Yogurt, avocado, and greens

Cut the avocado in half, get rid of the bone. Each half is packed with Greek yogurt, sprinkled with olive oil, salt, and sprinkled with natural herbs. If you want, you can turn on the rejection of hot sauce.

9. Peach and Cinnamon

Another delicious as well as the healthy and balanced recipe, as the use of cinnamon, minimizes the risk of heart disease.

greek yogurt recipe breakfastWe will need:

1 cup kefir;
2 small peaches;
cinnamon to taste.
Peaches are cut directly into small pieces. Pour in the yogurt, sprinkle with cinnamon. This is just one of the most convenient alternatives for a quick breakfast.

10. Unusual melon

Take a small melon, cut it in half to make a plate. Remove the flesh between them, carefully place the yogurt, berries, and also decorate with pumpkin seeds.

Now you understand that there are so many fantastic options for yogurt bowls and healthy Greek yogurt recipes for breakfast, it’s time to eat healthy food!

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