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Typical Guatemalan breakfast

8 Typical Guatemalan breakfast morning meals.

If you decide to visit Guatemala, I wish to offer you the typical Guatemalan breakfast early morning foods. As they are actually not entirely familiar.

Guatemala is a country that is now recovering from the devastating and tragic legacy of 30 years of social war. In fact, he opened his own hands to visitors. The country itself is actually amazingly spectacular and unique. It has the highest and most vigorous mountains in the world. The best identified supported megacities of the Maya kingdom. The most harmful earthquakes in the world and the background itself has a tremendous amount of suppression and disaster. The fact is that more than half of the country’s region is actually busy with morning meals on the hillsides.

«Desayuno tipico»

guatemalan breakfastDefinitely, the most important meal of that time for Guatemalans was “Desayuno tipico” or even a routine breakfast, it is a healthy meal, but quite appetizing. There are many options for a Guatemalan breakfast nowadays. Eggs, fruits, and beans are used, but a traditional and original Guatemalan breakfast includes:

Gruel, eggs, fried grains, bratwursts, panned fry fruit products for morning meal, chorizo or longanisa, clean cheese,

Sour ointment, homemade hot dressing, fresh fruit product products, tortilla or even breadstuff products, sweet bread (for coffee), orange juice

Coffee or even coffee with dairy

The details listed right here are actually for you 8 Guatemalan morning meals.


  • Bohemian breakfast   pair of eggs, rustic white potatoes as well as sausage, served along with a fried bageltraditional guatemalan breakfast
  • Típico Panchoy-ranchero eggs, fried grains, sausage or ham, cheese, fried bananas, cream, orange juice, pastries, or even tortillas, coffee, or herbal tea.
  • Andrés Pancakes 2 hot oatmeal cakes and mixed fruit cups: banana, strawberry, blackberry, and a heavily sweetened ointment
  • El Antigüeño-Tamal Colorado along with pigs or even chicks, salute and Dolce, along with coffee or even dark delicious chocolate.
  • Enchilada Madre-corn tortilla with fried grains, cooked eggs, sausage, cowboy suiting up, in addition to guatemalan breakfastcoffee or even herbal tea.
  • Springtime crepe filled with new fruit products, natural yogurt, all-natural honey, and granola.
  • Egg Burrito – A huge slice filled with eggs, rice, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, avocado, cheese as well as beans and delicious homemade pico de gallo.
  • Omelets--Ham as well as cheese, mushrooms, bacon as well as onion, vegetable: with breadstuff and whites potato or black grains.


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